blueplanet gridsave 120 TL3

With the blueplanet gridsave 120 TL3 (formerly bluestorage 120 TL3), we have developed a radically new product, offering an exceptionally high power rating: 120 kW for both charging batteries and feeding into the local grid in three phases.

This bidirectional battery inverter is perfectly at home with any kind of AC source, as well as with all modern battery systems. It operates quickly and effi ciently at an exceptionally high efficiency level of approximately 98%.

  • Specification

  • Model : blueplanet gridsave 120 TL3
  • Maximum battery system voltage : 2 x 492 V (power derating at high voltages possible)
  • Maximum battery current : 195 A
  • Nominal Power : 120 kVA
  • Max efficiency : 97.8%