"Our skilled and professional employees install the products with future service and preventive maintenance in mind."

The mechanical and electrical systems

provide an important part of any environment. From the comforts provided by ventilating and the air conditioning of an area, to life safety concerns such as emergency lighting and fire alarm systems. The mechanical and electrical components dramatically impact the comfort and suitability of the space.

As important as the function of the mechanical and electrical systems, the actual cost to install, the maintenance and ease of operation must be considered and be an integral part of each systems equipment selection and design. The best systems for a particular space are those that minimize cost while adequately providing the level of performance desired for the application.

Fah Chai installs a wide variety of systems and products, with many different ways to condition the environment to suit the need whether it is person or product.

Fah Chai’s mechanical and electrical team of experts has the experience and technical knowledge, to take care of all phases of the electrical industry and your needs. Products and services provided :

  • HVAC
  • Air conditioning
  • Generators
  • Communication systems
  • Emergency systems
  • Security systems

Energy saving within today’s industry has become an essential element to help both maximize profits and conserve the environment we live in. Different technologies are being developed to conserve energy and costs, from communications to M & E systems. Fah Chai can advise clients on which products and services will add value to your business and perform for you today, and long into the future.