Turnkey Cleanroom

M & J Technologies Co., Ltd.

Rojana Industrial Estate Thailand

Factory 2 - Provide Canteen, Warehouse and Car Park
Completed November 2004
Factory 3 - Turnkey project
Class 100k, Area 4000 sqm.
Plus factory extension, M & E work, utility systems, Air Condition Systems, Epoxy Floor, Fire and Security Systems

Completed April 2007

Belton Industrial Co,. Ltd.

Navanakorn Thailand

Factory 3
Provide IT Server Room, FM-200 Fire Suppression System, Electrical System, and Raised Floor System, Airconditioning system, UPS, CCTV, Guard Tour, Public Announcing System, MATV System, and Access Control.

Completed November 2007

Factory 1 & 2
Provide Fire Alarm System and VESDA System

Completed December 2006

Belton Industrial Co,. Ltd.

Navanakorn Thailand

Tray Cleaning Project at 2nd floor
Factory 3
Provide construction work, HVAC System, CDA System, VACUUM System, Exhaust System, Electrical work, Sprinkler Work

Completed February 2009

Delphi Automotive System (Thailand) Ltd.

Maptaphut Industrial Estate Thailand.

Expansion Cleanroom Project.
Project include cleanroom, air conditioning , fire alarm , fire protection and electrical systems.

Completed November 2008

A.S.T Clean Label Co.,Ltd.


Cleanroom Project.
Provide cleanroom class 1k with ideal infrastructure systems.

completed in January 2010

Daeyu Pattaya Co.,Ltd.

Chonburi Thailand

Production Area Project
Provide enbironmental controlled area for production area, include HAVC, lighting, electrical systems.

completed in July 2010